Simply screaming expletives at other road uses from your bike to make them aware of your presence is often frowned upon, so to combat this, Orpland have created a solution by producing the world’s first combination dual-tone bike horn & beacon light. Built with the express intention of making you more visible and audible, the Orp uses a dual-decibel horn and front beacon light within a small, light, and weatherproof case that can be recharged via a USB connection. Orp's integral strap makes mounting a breeze for almost all handlebars. I found the instructions in the box unclear but once I figured out how to undo the attachment it was easy to affix. Available in eight, interestingly named designs, Asphalt Black, Wail Blue (clever), Safety Cone Orange, Aorta Red, Pink (how boring), Frostbyte, Snot Green and Glorp.

The horn works in two ways, press up for a sweet-sounding horn at 76dB for pedestrian’s and other cyclists, or press down for the full 96dB horn designed for cars and other traffic. The latter  horn isn’t so friendly, in fact it is an ugly sound, but I guess that’s the point. As well as the sound, the Orp's LEDs fire every time the horn is activated to make you more visible. The light is built from two high-output Nichia LEDS that emit 70 lumens each, there are three light mode options suitable for different conditions and battery efficiency, press the button once for Slow Strobe, press it again for Fast Strobe and again for continuous (and once more to turn it off). The horn can be activated to avoid scary the living daylights out of people (and yourself) but accidently triggering it, there is also an awesome Anti-Dooring mode to make drivers aware of your presence when you a filtering through traffic. You need to press down very hard to activate the loud horn, it requires you to remove your hand fully from the handle bar, which isn’t always possible when cycling.

This brings me onto the REMORP. The REMORP is Orp's dual action remote switch that lets you activate the horn in a more comfortable way without removing your hand from the handle bar or brakes. One end of the REMORP plugs into the remote port on the right side of your Orp, it can then be placed where ever you like for easy access under the thumb, press lightly for the 76dB horn and harder for the 96dB. The REMORP is sold separately, but I feel it is necessary to use it alongside the Orp, as without it handling becomes more difficult. I liked the simplicity of the Orp, the silicone design keeps it protected from the weather but also makes it quick to remove and attach, as it is lightweight and easily portable. The two horns offer a choice between a polite, “excuse me” to a “HEY! don’t hit me!” Teamed with the Anti-Dooring feature and bright lights, it will make sure everyone knows you are on the road. Smart Horn RRP $65 Remorp RRP $15

4.5 out of 5

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Easy to attach




3 light modes

2 horn modes

Anti-Dooring function

8 colours available



Without the REMORP you need to remove your whole hand to activate alarm

Instructions unclear