With a name like PIQ Robot, you might think of a large robotic caddy following you around the green telling you what to do and holding your drinks, but although this would be awesome, it wouldn’t be convenient to pack away in the boot of your car. Thankfully, this robot is teeny tiny and sits on your glove (sadly, it won’t hold your drinks).

This clever little system can help you identify your key golfing strengths, as well as the areas you need to focus on, letting you improve your overall game. You will receive real-time information allowing you to improve your form whilst you play the game. The PIQ Robot is a range finder, swing analyser and shot tracker all in one. The kit comes with the PIQ Robot unit, 18 NFC tags that work as ID cards for your clubs, the PIQ Fuel (charges the Robot once you're done) and glove clip that fits on any glove. This all comes rather beautifully packed, making it a great gift.

The PIQ Robot connects via the free app that is always being worked on to bring you the latest updates, lets you view your data and join the community. After each course, you can find out whether you made the leader board for your country or your course, and lets you share your Winning Factors with your friends and family. Mobitee is the leading app in Europe for avid golf players, with mapped out courses, and satellite and aerial views from over 42,000 golf courses around the world. This means the PIQ Robot knows where you are playing, which course, which hole, and your exact distance to the green.

The PIQ Robot device itself has an LED display for instant feedback, and whether you see potential obstacles or not, it will let you know exactly how far you are from the green, front, middle, or back. This scrolling display isn’t always easy to read if you miss the start and you will still need to keep your phone on you for accurate shot distances. The unit weighs less than 10g weight and it feels reasonably secure, but I would be happier if the clip was tighter - it would be an expensive thing to lose off your glove! It has an IP67 rating and has roughly 8hours of battery life. When selecting a club, you simply need to touch the sensor on the club to the unit on the glove, and it will automatically track your tempo, swing path, and club head speed for every shot, along with the club you've used and the yardage you've covered.

Whether you are having a good day or an off day, the PIQ Robot can tell how you’re hitting the ball, with which club you’re doing it, and to which distance, then the nano-computer can recommend the right club for you to use. The PIQ Robot is a functional, easy to use system that gives you a greater insight into your performance, allowing you to focus on where you can improve next time. RRP £229

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4.5 out of 5


Easy to use

Lightweight and discrete device

Swing analyser

Shot tracking

GPS range-finder with over 42,000 golf courses worldwide.

Mobitee App

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