Over the course of a football game, it can be difficult to keep track of your own moves, let alone the entire team, making it tricky to diagnose the errors and areas of play that need work.

The Playr is an activity-style tracker specifically designed for the football field. It comes in the form of the SmartPod, the SmartVest and the SmartApp. Starting with the SmartPod, this compact, lightweight sensor uses an advanced GPS tracker with an accelerometer that measures your speed and distance and provides you with heat maps. The SmartPod is FIFA-approved, tested for safety and cleared for use in training and official matches. The professional-grade GPS tracks your position to the nearest metre and the smart sensors capture 1250 data points per second. Weighing just 36g, it is the lightest and smallest GPS tracker for football, suitable for all weather training come rain, hail or snow. The unobtrusive design uses LEDs to display signal strength, battery life and charging progression through the SmartVest, which is constructed from a four-way flex and ultra-compressive fabric that gives you durability, comfort and freedom of movement during the session.

Auto-detect technology switches the SmartPod on and begins recording when it’s placed inside the SmartVest, where it sits in a pocket between the shoulder blades so it doesn’t interfere with your performance. The SmartApp is where you can view all your data: simply sync your session and learn about how to improve your game. It’s here that you receive your total distance, top speed, power plays and sprint distance. There’s even the option of breaking down the game into two halves or even further to get an idea of how your performance changed throughout the game.

The SmartApp also compares your performance against professionals and peers playing in the same position, sets your PBs, tracks your history and accesses the SmartCoach, which can tell you if your training is at an optimal load and intensity to get you ready by game day. The SmartCoach has been created with Premier League coaches and provides personalised training and recovery actions to take your game to the next level.

Overall, the Playr is a highly usable tracking and training system that gives you the clearest insight into your performance in a user-friendly and detailed way.

RRP £179.99

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5 out of 5


Comfortable, unrestrictive vest

Auto switch on

Intuitive and easy-to-read app

Accurate data

SmartCouch provides practical ways to improve


Expensive to kit out the whole team