New for the 2018/2019 season, the Reflect360 Performance Cycling Jacket from Proviz has been designed to keep you not just visible but fricking unmissable on the dark roads this time of year. It have been created to go over the top of your regular cycling gear (including waterproofs as there is little water projection from this jacket), this jacket will offer 360 reflection from vehicle, street and torch lights helping to keep you safe on your travels.

The Reflect360 has retro-reflective material across the whole of the front of the jacket, the tops of the arms, across the shoulders and the lower back in order to give you a huge amount of surface area for lights to reflect off, there is a built in breathable panel across the majority of back and under the arms to allow heat to escape when you are pushing it hard. Proviz wanted to keep things simple with this jacket, it is extremely light and can be packed down into a compact space, the material utilises millions of tiny, highly reflective glass beads, the zip locks at the top so there’s no risk of it slipping down when you are on the move. There’s also a Zip Garage (probably the best name I’ve ever heard for a little bit of fabric), this is essential for keeping that cold metal away from the skin, preventing chafing and general discomfort when its fully zipped up.

The inside of the jacket has a soft-touch, moisture wicking mesh lining across the back and under arms which to help deal with those sweat patches and increase airflow. It has a fitted waist, small side pockets and a low profiled rear spray guard which means if wraps around your lower back and butt to protect against splash from the road as well as keep out drafts, the cuffed sleeves also keep out the wind. The Reflect 360 performance is more of a shell than a jacket due to the lack of waterproofing, and we would like to see a longer zip pull to make it easier to open with gloves on, apart from that this jacket ensures you are highly visible, it is lightweight and stretchy, ensuring complete freedom of movement and ventilation. RRP £99.99

4 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


High visibility 360


Rear, side and underarm moisture wicking polyester mesh

Tailored fit

170 grams


Zip guard and lock zip

Fitted waist

Low profiled rear spray guard


Small zip pull

Lack of waterproofing