What better way to kick off the new year than throwing yourself head first into a new hobby, and what better hobby than cycling? Most of us have a bike buried in the garage somewhere and let’s be honest, you always wanted to try out those padded bike shorts. The Quad Lock Bike kit for iPhone X allows you to take your phone along for the ride without the fear of getting lost. This is the lightest, strongest, and most secure iPhone X Bike Mount available.

The Quad Lock features a quick and easy dual locking system, perfect for road cyclists, mountain bikers and commuters alike. Use apps like Strava, Mapmyride, or Apple Maps whilst on the move and track rides, monitor fitness and navigate around town. The elements protecting Poncho keeps your iPhone X clean and dry whilst on the road and allows you at clearly see and use your phone still. The Quad Lock case for iPhone X doesn’t interfere with wirelessly charging, it’s compatible with all Quad Lock Mounts and accessories, and the Bike Mount Pro fits tube diameters ranging from 25-40mm in diameter. Larger diameters can be secured with longer zip-ties. RRP $69.95

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