The Reviber Fusion is an oscillating vibration plate with a 14mm amplitude and the promise of reducing body fat, tone muscles and strengthen your core, created to be used in the home. Don’t worry if you don’t know your lats from your glutes, the Fusion has you covered. It comes with a workout DVD, workout poster and online access for exercises and tips. According to Reviber the vibration plate it is powerful, compact and portable. I’ll agree to the first statement, when you crank it up to 20, even my eyes were vibrating! Compact and portable however…I would argue with that, the plate is 53 x 30 cm, but is still the most compact out there in the market.  As for portable, it weighs 14.5 kg and has no comfortable handles or points to grab it, maybe carrying it is part of the work out.

To work out with the Fusion, it comes with adjustable latex resistance bands which attach at either the front of the plate or the side, you then simply plug in and step on, you can either use the control panel or remote to activate the plate, you then follow the exercises on the DVD which uses a combinations of vibration training, Pilates and a gym style workout. The exercises are easy to follow and work out the entire body, the Fusion comes with a workout Cushioning Block which ensures the abdominal muscles are engaged throughout the workout and can also help with comfort during the seated exercises and press ups. The vibrations force you to work your stomach and leg muscles to keep balance then you use the resistant bands work out your upper body.

I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet the motor is, it gets louder the higher the setting, but I would still consider it quiet, the cats, who are scared of electric tooth brushes and sneezes didn’t run away. The Fusion could be a good introductory product for beginners however you will need to be prepared to put the effort in, the vibrations alone will not burn off the fat but simply switch on the muscles, it is down to you to work them hard to get a result, and with only a video for an instructor you can never be 100% certain you are doing it right. At £199 (this would get you 10 months at my gym) it is a big investment eventually you will get bored with doing the same exercises over and over so in that respect it is rather limited. RRP £199.99

4.2 out of 5

Buy now


Remote control

3 adjustable resistance bands

DVD easy to follow

Well made



Awkward to move

Can’t be 100% you are working out correctly

Limit exercises

Novelty wears off