These days I have more sports bras than regular bras, I feel my most confident as a woman in these thick strapped, chest scaffolding pieces, than the little lacey numbers. In my extensive collection I already possess three Shock Absorber bras. The Ultimate Fly Bra uses their unique Cross Control technology that combines laser cutting, bonding and moulding with the aim of producing a lightweight bra with a high level of support. Featuring a laser cut 3D spacer that absorbs internal and external breast movements, it looked a little strange before I put it on, due to the gaps between the material and I wondered if I would fill it out enough to produce a smooth profile. It in fact looked great on. There are three layers of fabric that are bonded together and provide a breathable surface and wick moisture away, the band is brushed elastic to reduce friction and prevent tops from riding up during activity.

The Non-slip straps have a regular bra fastener at the bottom and a plastic clip that connects between the shoulder blades, unlike some bras it is high enough to easily reach without being an expert in yoga. The shoulder straps are adjustable but only by a small amount, I wear mine on the smallest setting which is fine right now but if the material stretches, even slightly it will reduce the support I’m getting. The Ultimate Fly Bra comes in one colour, Grey/Lime and is available from a 32B all the way through to a 38F, I received mine in a 34C, as Shock Absorber bras go this line seems to run slightly larger than other models and the lack of adjustment means that it is something to consider when ordering. I tested this bra over five different activities, yoga, weight training, boxercise, HIIT and running.

During yoga and weight training it performed well, these are low impact, but the breathability helped keep me cool during weights and I had a good amount of support during upside-down positions in yoga. During boxercise, which I would rate a medium/high impact class, the Ultimate Fly Bra delivered good support whilst I twisted my body and threw punches, however during HIIT (high intensity interval training), which involves burpees, squat and tuck jumps, mountain climber and similar I felt I was bouncing about too much. On the run, bear in mind I run at snail pace, it supplied the perfect amount of support. The Ultimate Fly Bra has definitely made it into my sports draw and become a regular member at that gym. RRP £45

4.5 out of 5

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Supportive up to mid/high impact

Brushed elastic material reduces friction

Easy to reach strap fastenings


Creates a smooth profile


Limited adjustment

Runs slightly larger than other Shock Absorber lines