With the taste of mince pies and roast dinners becoming a distant memory, you may have realised that all the over indulgence has left a podge on your body that’s not as easy to get rid of as the Christmas decorations. If you have seen the adverts of a rather confused looking Cristiano Ronaldo standing around topless flashing his six pack, you could be forgiven for thinking that all you need is the SIXPAD Abs Fit to get washboard abs, it is not. Here’s a little bit of info about six packs, you need a combination of diet, cardio and strength training to achieve them, you will need to eat lots of protein and follow a strict workout routine oh and achieve a body fat percentage of between 6-9% in men and 16-19% to see them. With that information you can make the decision as to whether the SIXPAD Abs Fit will fit in and/or improve what should already be a healthy and active lifestyle, it works by using Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), constructed from a flexible silicone it has six wings that are each fitted with electrodes that work directly on the abdominal muscles.

The Abs Fit automatically works through a 23min training session, four 5minute sessions, warm up, cool down and 30seconds conditioning in between, it uses 20Hz of simulation which isn’t painful but when its at the higher levels isn’t exactly comfortable but at the same time kind of nice. So, the idea is you use the SIXPAD to strengthen your stomach without having to put in any real effort by performing planking and crunches, but you don’t get something for nothing, yes, the SIXPAD can give you a stronger core but unless you diet correctly you won’t see a difference, it won’t melt fat. It is easy to use but the sticky pads tear easily and at £23.99 a pop in a short time this could be more expensive than signing up to a gym. The bottom line is the SIXPAD Abs Fit is good at what it does, which is slight muscle toning, but it will be an expensive investment when it comes to constantly replacing the pads and realistically it will probably end up in the back of  the cupboard with your Sketches Shape Up trainers and Thigh Master, if you want a body like Cristiano Ronaldo it’s going to take a lot more than some battery powered muscle simulation. RRP £149.99

3 out of 5

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Automatic 23min training program

Nice looking design

Easy to use

You can wear it under clothes and work out discretely


Pads tear easily and are expensive to replace

You will not “see” results without having low body fat percentage

Novelty of using it wears off after a few weeks

Fiddly awkward carry case