The new Attack sunglasses from ‘Smith’ have been built around the ‘Smith MAG interchangeable’ technology, which aims to make the transition from one lens to another as seamless as possible during varying light conditions.

The Attack uses ‘ChromaPop’ lenses - two included in the box with the option of purchasing extras from the website. You can choose between ‘Attack lenses’ and ‘Attack Max’ which have a slightly higher top for further protection, helping you choose the most ideal lens for the job. The two ‘ChromaPop’ lenses have been created with a lowered-brow design for increased ventilation, fog prevention and to keep your face cool. The two included lenses are the ‘ChromaPop Platinum’ and ‘ChromaPop Contrast Rose’. The ‘Platinum’ has a VLT (visible light transmission) of 15%, which means it lets in 15% of the light and is best suited for bright/direct sunlight, whilst at the same time enhancing colour and clarity. This allows you to see tree roots, pot holes or other potential hazards quickly and clearly. The ‘Rose’ has a VLT of 48%, making them best suited for lower light conditions such as over-cast days; these provide clear visuals in and out of the shadows.

The Attack are frameless glasses designed for attaching the entire temple pieces to the lens with an easy clip attachment. They have a hydrophilic ‘Megol’ cover which helps keep the glasses secure, even in raining or sweaty conditions. The nose piece has two positions to find a comfortable fit and has the same ‘Megol’ coating to prevent them sliding down your nose. The lenses also have a ‘Hydroleophobic’ coating to help the rain bead off. The Attack comes in a rather large hard case, which is mostly foam lining with specific cut-out sections for both lenses and temple pieces and a microfibre soft case.

The Attack glasses performed well during our test: the wrap around lenses completely cover your eyes and give you excellent visuals without any peripheral blind spots. There is good ventilation, which works well at keeping any fogging away, and they feel light and secure on your face for the duration of wear. They are a little on the pricey side, but I think (for once!) you are getting what you pay for here! RRP £195.00

4.5 out of 5

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Light and comfortable

Secure fit

Large wrap around lenses

Quick changing lenses

Good visuals

Two ChromaPop lenses

Two-position adjustable nose pads

Interchangeable Attack/Attack Max lenses