The Worldwide - the market-leading rod pod - has now been upgraded for the P1 range, including the ‘Big Boy Version’. The P1 Euro Worldwide Pod is identical to the P1 Worldwide Pod however the Euro version comes with a longer, adjustable main bar (1m to 2m) and two long, adjustable front legs (1m to 1.33m).

The front legs feature Solar Tackle’s unique ‘snooker cue’ extension system, this lets you reduce the size of the legs down to 52cm, making it a complete and versatile set up. With this system you can fish with a solid pod that sets your rod tips high, making it suitable for the big waters on the continent as well as river fishing. The unique ‘5 Spoke, Diamond Grip Adjustment’ has subtle carbon detailing, all components have been carefully engineered with a micro-adjust ratchet adjustment system, which allows each leg to be individually fine tuned to your precise environment. The adjustable main bar, compact design, goal-post style uprights give you an excellent foundation and are fully compatible with a wide range of extras for customisation.

The P1 Worldwide pod will suit any venue in any country and any situation, the compact design lets you pack it down into the small, padded carry case making it super easy to transport or store away when not in use. The carry case is durable and thoughtfully made with every piece having its own compartment making it quick and easy to assemble and locate specific sections of the kit. Each P1 Euro Worldwide Pod comprises two upright bridge sections, two 12″ legs, two long, adjustable legs (52cm to 1.33m), a long adjustable main bar (1m to 2m) all manufactured in England, Buzzer Bars not included. The P1 Euro Worldwide Pod is super adaptable, it is made from strong materials and with all the adjustment options and compact pack size it will be a reliable fishing companion for years to come. RRP £439.99

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5 out of 5


High-quality stainless steel components

Compact design

Unique leg angle adjustment system

Long adjustable main bar (1m to 2m)

Two long, adjustable front legs (1m to 1.33m)

Stable, goal-post set up

Adaptable to any angling situation


Not suitable for use with two-rod buzzer bars

Came with lots of unrecyclable packing materials