The Deckvest 5D Pro Sensor from ‘Spinlock’ is a complete lifejacket harness. It has been specifically designed for a comfortable, ergonomic fit on the shoulders, whilst keeping away from the neck and waist for the greatest-possible freedom of movement and is best suited for overnight and offshore sailing.

It has features to keep sailors safe and comfortable during offshore sailing, including a sprayhood to reduce the risk of secondary drowning, red lifting strop, safety approved lifejacket light, and award-winning bladder illumination lights. The 5D is super light and compact - it doesn’t get in the way of any movements whether that involves moving your head, neck, arms or waist. It can easily be worn over long periods; we are talking days at a time, and it won’t cause irritation or fatigue. This is a very high specification automatic-inflating lifejacket harness!

This 5D Deckvest includes a ‘Pro Sensor’ inflation system, meaning that the 5D uses a compressed paper capsule that dissolves in water, releasing a spring to inflate the inflation cylinder – so, in the event of you going overboard, the lifejacket automatically inflate. The cap has been designed so that only water flowing upwards will cause it to activate, ensuring that rain and spray will not activate the cylinder. There is an option to convert the 5D to manual, only firing with a ‘Manual Conversion Kit’ and the ‘Pro Sensor’ has two indicators that show the status of the CO2 cylinder and firing head. The ‘Pylon Light’ is a high intensity, water-activated flashing LED Light with a 23cm flexible antenna wand for improved visibility above your head and above the water. The ‘Lume-On Lifejacket’ bladder illumination lights are also included.

Other features include: a deck safety harness with soft loop safety line attachment point, double crotch straps for a secure fit, a quick access emergency safety line cutter, toggle attachment point for ‘Chest Pack DW-PCC’ (170N only), and it is available in three colours: Black, Pacific Blue and Tropic White. The unique ‘Shoulder Fit System’ ensures the correct fit on your shoulders each and every time, whilst the new back adjustment is hidden and non-snag for easy and quick adjustment.

The ‘RescueMe’ is also available to purchase separately or fully integrated into the Deckvest. This gives prompts for winter care, storage, pre-season safety checks, access to online support and updates on MOB (man overboard) prevention. The Spinlock Deckvest 5D has big safety features packed into a small, lightweight lifejacket. Its unobtrusive design won’t distract you whilst you are sailing but will certainly be there when you need it most. Comfortable, reliable and life-saving! RRP £256.80

5 out of 5

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Light and compact

Comfortable for long periods of wear

Good fit, easy to adjust

Auto inflating lifejacket harness (with manual option)

Pylon Light and Lume-On


Deck safety harness with soft loop safety line attachment point

Double crotch straps

Emergency safety line cutter