The Multi Pouch from Spurcycle is hand made in the USA by Fog City in San Francisco, California. The idea behind this simple little bag is to help you get out the door and onto the bike with a short a transition time. If you are anything like me I have a routine of running back in the house I minimum of two times because I have forgotten something, whether it is tools, cash or first aid there is always something which I think is slowly driving my partner insane. Created from Dyneema Composite Fabric or Cuben Fibre as it is also known as, this material is super light-weight and the entire pouch weighs in at just 14g, it measures up at 11.5cm x 19cm and is ultra-flexible.

The Multi Pouch has four polymer snap closures integrated to the corners and a YKK Uretek waterproof zip and paired with the Cuben Fibre it makes for excellent weatherproofing and protection against sweat. The snaps allow you to fold the pouch either horizontally or vertically making it versatile in what you put in it and how you attach to your bike, stuff in your bag or pocket. The material makes it slightly transparent on one side, it is not completely clear but clear enough to see what is where without having to up end the whole thing, ideal if you have a few of these for different rides you can make sure you grab the right one on your way out of the door. This tough little bag is what ever you want it to be, after using one for a little while you may even be inclined to get more, you can even use your touch screen phone through the material. The only change I would like to see is that the zip pull was a larger to make it easier to access if you are wearing gloves. RRP £21

4 out of 5

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Simple and effective


Durable material


Strong snappers




Small zip-pull

£21 per bag