When everything runs smoothly, a trip out on the bike can be one of the most enjoyable things out there. But, you only need one wobbly nut to quickly make things take a turn for the worse (just to clarify that’s the metal kind of ‘nut’, however either variety could result in discomfort.) To ensure you are always ready for any eventuality, both at home and on the move, Spurcyle has got you covered.

From the company that brought you the stripped down, bare boned cycle bell, the California-based cycle brand Spurcyle has brought out a multi tool that follows the same minimalist design. Machined by Paragon Machine Works from an incredibly tough US grade 5 titanium and chromed s2 steel bits, it comes with ten interchangeable bits, 2mm, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, T10, T25 and P2. The tool and all the accessories can be stowed away in the ultra-compact X-Pac carry case (30mm x 95mm) that weighs just 90g and is easily popped away in a saddle bag, trouser pocket or jersey pocket, and the smooth rounded edges ensures it doesn’t cause any discomfort or take up too much of your precious space. There is even enough space for some spare cash for cake on the go!

The handle can be slid along to position it in either the T-bar shape or L-bar shape, making it excellent for getting into tight and awkward corners. All the bits slot quickly into place with a magnetic connection - no screwing, twisting or clipping in required. The Spurcycle Tool is almost too attractive to use, if it wasn’t for the fact that it is so pleasant to use. A beautiful and practical addition to any cycling enthusiast!

5 out of 5

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Beautifully made

L or T-bar positions

Bits connect easily with magnets

Room for cash in the case