With the weather finally turning a corner, it’s time to blow off the cobwebs on your gold clubs and get back out onto the green! If this is the year you have decided to up your game then you maybe tempted to look at getting some high-tech gear to help you on your way.

The Swingbyte 2 aims to provide you with your golf swing analysis straight to your smart phone, compatible with both iOS and Android, the Swingbyte 2 works alongside an intuitive app that pairs up easily and provides you with real time feedback after each swing. The unit attaches to any club just below your grip and weighs less than one ounce, so it won’t affect your game play, and it connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth. The app will show you an interactive 3D, 360 degree view of your swing as well as other swing metrics including the club head speed and acceleration, your club's true plane from address to impact, the club face angle relative to swing path, the static and dynamic loft and lie at address and impact, angle of attack and club path and the swing tempo, allowing you to address all the different elements of your swing that could be holding you back. You can view your data on the Swingbyte website where it is automatically uploaded and share it with you instructor or friends for advice and tips. You can also see your progress over time with a full history, trends and development areas, there are video instructions and Tour data too.

There is a new Virtual Coach feature (iPhone only during beta) that lets you receive personalised lesson plans with tips from golf’s top instructors which is hopefully a feature we will see grow and become available on the Android system. The app and website are slick with lots of features to let you improve your game, but where the Swingbyte 2 is let down is in the hardware; the mechanism is difficult to close which make switching between clubs a pain and after a few uses it already moves about on the shaft, there is no protective case or bag to keep it save on transit, without the Coaching feature in full swing yet it is also difficult to know how to correctly use the information without an instructor by your side. The Swingbyte 2 has potential but needs to tighten up the hardware design before it becomes a reliable accessory. RRP $169.99

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3 out of 5


Intuitive app

Useful analytics

Attaches to any club

Weighs less than 1 ounce

Share swing data with your pro and on Facebook


Poor build quality

No protective case