The Tanita FitScan may look like an ordinary set of scales, but it is actually so much more. It is,  in fact, a Body Composition Monitor that can give you feedback on  the effectiveness of any current fitness or health program you are following.

The Tanita FitScan features eight electrode Body Composition Monitors - six on the footpad and two on the retractable handle. It can display 20 readings; ten whole body readings and ten segmental reading (arms, legs and trunk area), so you can see exactly how your body is responding to specific training and lifestyle changes. You can track body fat and muscle mass trends, and receive information like a recommended calorie intake and an indication as to your currant hydration levels, which you can then use to adjust your exercise and diet accordingly.

The FitScan features a large, easy-to-read LCD display, a large on/off button that can be used with a gentle poke of your big toe and a retractable cord that ensures the handset fits snugly into the main unit when not in use. The BC-545N needs to be set up with the date and time, and you must create a user profile with your name, height and age etc. (it will accommodate up to five separate users and all results are stored up to one year.) It is easy enough get up and running, and even more simple to operate.

What aren’t so obvious are the results; a series of numbers and symbols will flash in front of you, but the manual will walk you through what means what. It’s interesting to see your weight, fat, muscle mass and more broken down into torso (or trunk as it’s displayed), arms and legs. I could see that my right leg was stronger than my left, my BMI was healthy but I had a pudge around my middle, which all appears to be accurate when compared to my Personal Trainer information.

The Tanita BC-545N FitScan Segmental Body Composition Monitor is an interesting piece of equipment that will accurately provide you with lots of detailed, reliable-seeming information to allow you to create and adapt your fitness plan accordingly. RRP £160

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4.5 out of 5


Provides results for weight, fat %, hydration, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat level, BMR & metabolic age

Measures arms/legs/torso separately

20 measurements in total (full-body and segmental)

Monitors physique changes and body balance

Large display

Recommends calorie intake

Easy to use


Build quality

Information lost when batteries are removed