Tatami Fightwear was established in the heart of South Wales in 2009 by founders Gareth Dummer and Lee Jones, with the aim of producing high quality Jiu-Jitsu products at affordable prices. The Omega Backpack has been specifically created with the traveling Jiu-Jitsu practitioner in mind.

This large capacity bag has plenty of space to play with, but in the event of needing a touch more there is an expandable bottom (I think I have one of these), this also doubles up as a wet pocket (does that make it an expandable wet bottom?!), so you can throw in sweaty clothing, towels or swimmers whilst protecting the rest of your gear at the same time.

There are multiple ways to carry the bag with front handles, side handles and detachable shoulder strap options, but the straps don’t stop there! There are four compression straps around the front and a sternum strap; it gets to a point that getting into the bag is restricted by all the straps getting in the way, and you have to unclip everything before you can get to your stuff! The padded back panels help prevent any equipment from digging into your back and provides a comfortable surface, but it isn’t very breathable so be prepared for sweaty backs. The sternum strap is useful, but the lack of a waist belt puts more pressure on your shoulders rather than distributing the weight evenly across the body.

The design of the bag is very simple with a minimal black-on-black colour scheme, but all the panels and straps make it look rather cluttered. Over all the Omega is potentially a useful bag, as long as you are in no real hurry to get to your things, don’t overload it and aren’t worried about sweat patches. RRP £40.00

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3 out of 5


Expandable bottom

Wet compartment

Padded back

Cup holder

Organising pockets



Poor ventilation

Loads of straps and clips

No waist-strap