I remember when I first started running about 14 years ago I used to do it in cargo shorts, I thought the baggier the better, cover up all those lumps and bumps (I also remember running in hiking boots once, how I didn’t bust a shin I do not know). Looking back I realise how difficult I was making things, not to mention the friction burn between my thighs, ouch. I never really understood why people used skin-tight clothing whilst working out, surely it was more restrictive, then my Mum got me some capri tights and the penny dropped. Leggings provide a degree of compression and support for muscles, prevent rubbing, add protection against the weather and ensure total freedom of movement and after trying them for the first time I never looked back. The RUSH leggings from Under Armour come in black and grey (although there is a soft hint of purple in the grey), featuring mineral-infused fabric that aims to absorb the energy your body emits and reflects it back into your tissues and muscles. These leggings feature a compression-style fit, like a second skin, that hugs close, I felt it most notably around the calves, but isn’t insanely tight like some compression garments. The leggings don’t make workouts in anyway restrictive, in fact the super stretchy material provides you with a full range of movement.

The leggings are constructed from 82% polyester and 18% elastane, the strategically-placed seams eliminate pressure points and chafing and there is a handy mesh pocket on the side of the leg. I found this pocket especially useful whilst weight training; as I use an app to track my weight/reps, I could quickly grab and stow away my phone without having to deal with zips and the positioning meant it didn’t dig into my back whilst on the resistance machines. The only downside to the pocket is that is does bounce around a little whilst running so I won’t be ditching the arm band case just yet. I found the RUSH leggings secure and comfortable, the compression (and possibly the mineral-infused fabric) felt good across my legs (although the two chocolate pastries I had may have helped with my boundless energy). The lack of a draw string meant that they would ride down slightly whilst performing mountain climbers and burpees, not enough to go full builder’s bum but still required a little wiggly adjustment in the rest period. I would use these leggings for low- to medium-intensity exercises: yoga, running, weight training and some of the gentler exercise classes. RRP £60

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4 out of 5


Muscles felt warm and ready to go

Comfortable soft material

Super stretch

Compression fit

Side pocket

Discrete branding

No chafing or pressure points


No draw string to secure the waist

No high vis/reflector detailing for outside visibility