When you are pushing yourself to the limits during your workout you need the appropriate clothing that can keep up with you. The Vanish Woven Shorts from Under Armour are a great choice to join you on your exercise regime. Available in sizes XS all the way up to XXL, they have a fitted finish, which means they are tailored in a more athletic style without being too tight or too loose in any area. They come in six different colours: green, grey, black, navy, blue and brown, so you can have a pair for every day of the week (Sundays are obviously rest days). We received the green model which is an attractive kingfisher colour and will happily complement a whole range of coloured tops. The shorts are constructed from 100% polyester which makes them super lightweight, I mean if you didn’t look down you could be forgiven for imagining you were simply running around in your pants (something we do not recommend) and the durable woven fabric means you will be worn out long before these shorts are.

There are strategically placed ventilation panels on the front of the shorts across the thigh for extra breathability during those hot sessions, if things do get a little sweaty the material wicks away the sweat and dries out quickly, leaving you dry and comfortable a short while after your session. The inseam measures up at 20cm, which will sit just about the knee on most men, this provides a stylish, casual finish whilst the four-way stretch construction allows for total freedom of movement whether you are practicing yoga, playing football, weight training or participating in some intense HIIT training. To ensure the shorts stay in place there is a drawstring in the front half of the waist band whilst the back is built from a soft and highly stretchy elastic. This means the back of the shorts lays completely flat against the skin ensuring total comfort when laying on your back for leg raises or sit ups for example, there are two open hand pockets for storing your gear and although they are quite deep it is best to remove heavy items before exercising for maximum comfort and zero distractions. The Vanish Woven Shorts are a must-have item for the gym drawer: lightweight, breathable and high performing they are ready for whatever activity you want to throw at them. RRP £36

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5 out of 5


Fitted finish


Durable woven fabric

Mesh panels for strategic ventilation

4-way stretch construction

Wicking material and fast drying

Half-back elastic/half drawstring waistband

Open hand pockets

Six attractive designs