Sports bras come in all shapes and sizes and finding the right one for the right exercise can be a real challenge, the UA (Under Amour) Vanish Mid Sports Bra has been created to provide support for medium impact activities like cycling, weight training and boxing. Available in a range of attractive colours, Black, Black with branding, Blue, Pink, Grey and my personal favourite Green, which is a two-toned design with a teal base and aqua detailing. It comes in a variety of sizes but just to confuse you, instead of the standard 32C style sizing it comes in XS, S, M, L and XL but not to worry there is a handy conversion table on the website so for example a 32B is a S, 34C will be M and a 36D is a L.

There are no fastenings to deal with which is both a blessing and a curse, one bra I own has no less than six different fastenings, like a straight-jacket, the downside to this is that you must perform the sports bra contortion dance, made doubly difficult once covered in sweat and exhausted, but once on and all your parts are in the right place it is comfortable. Like most bras you can’t easily adjust it when wearing it (why is this still an issue in 2018), this means if the straps move whilst wrestling yourself into to, you may have to grab a friend to help tighten it up again or take it off and repeat the process. UA has described the fit as a Next-to-Skin without the squeeze and I couldn’t agree more, some bras when properly adjust create lumps in places you never new was possible, the under armpit pudge and back fat isn’t a great look but the Vanish literally does what the names suggests, it hides underneath racer back style top and provides the support you need whilst giving you a smooth and attractive profile both with or without a top layer on.

One issue I had was encountering the scratchiest clothes labels I have ever come across, however it has a tear away feature which means you can easily remove it, just ensure you remove it before working out or it will hurt. The cups are fitted with soft, fixed performance foam pads to provide extra coverage and support while at the same time still allow the body to breath, the keep the straps hidden under your top the open back has adjustable criss-cross strap, that are soft against the skin, super stretchy and wide to prevent them digging in. Around the front the bra has a “feminine” V-neck line, not sure what makes a V-neck feminine other than showing off your feminine parts, but it looks nice, it probably wouldn’t work for me in my yoga classes as I would be too self-aware about how much skin I expose when bending over but this is just personal preference. Constructed from 59% Elasterell and 41% Polyester the Vanish Mid is lovely and soft against the skin and moulds to the body, it also dries faster than some of my other bras thanks to the UA Microthread technology which prevents you getting cold on your cool down, stops it from clinging to you, chafing or stretching. I found the bra nice and comfortable, it enabled me to get my sweat on without restrain or restriction and provided ample support throughout. RRP £36

4.6 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Very comfortable when on



Dries quickly

Looks good on

Attractive colours

Line cups provide full cover without pad line


Can’t adjust straps whilst wearing

Scratchy label

Can be difficult to squeeze into