Stomp Rocket 

It’s comforting to see that toy rockets are still described as “extreme”. It’s not quite ‘Xtreme’, but the 80s and 90s are clearly still alive in spirit. 
We received Stomp Rocket Original, a product that also has a series of equally fun-looking spin-off siblings. Stomp Rocket Original is advertised as ‘100% Kid Powered’, which I thought was a fun slogan, and makes the dramatic claim of being able to soar up to 400 feet, all from the power of a jump and stomp on an air-filled launching pad. I was dubious, so we took it out for a test. 

I stand xtremely corrected! We took the Stomp Rocket out into the Gadget Head carpark and almost lost our rocket over our neighbour (and rival company’s) fence! Cue the scene from a kid’s film where the bullies won't give it back and we have to spring a heist to retrieve it. Fortunately, this didn’t happen, but this rocket can achieve some serious height! We weren’t able to get an exact reading, but it was definitely EXTREME. 
Stomp Rocket promotes itself as being educational as well as fun. It’s true – anything hands-on like this teaches kids some early physics (you can’t let them to learn everything from video games, or they’ll think they can do a double-jump in the air to get up cliffs and high buildings). This STEM learning (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) teaches about gravity, trajectory, force and the power of air, all whilst getting to stomp on things and launch colourful (but soft and safe) rockets into the air. Shh – don't tell them that they’re learning! They’re too busy having fun to notice! 
Stomp Rocket Original comes with three foam rockets, and more are available online (in case you live near bullies like ours). This toy will burn your kids’ energy, vent their violent need to crush things with their feet and shoot projectiles into the air (we all have those urges sometimes), and will sneakily teach them science whilst they do so. What’s not to love? 
Kid powered – needs no batteries or mains etc. 
Teaches STEM learning 
Colourful and fun 
Rockets are soft and harmless 
Comes with three rockets 
Launches really far!