Studio Creator Podcast and Vlogging Kit


In a world where TikTok and YouTube creators are so present in the media we consume every day, the Studio Creator Podcast and Vlogging Kit allows you to try your hand at making video and audio content without the giant price tag of some more advanced content creator setups. While I am not a content creator myself, I took the kit for a spin to see how easy it is to set up and capture content as a novice.

The box is brightly coloured showing all the pieces that are included inside, with images showing possible uses for the product from vlogging, streaming and podcasting. Inside the kit we have a noise-reduction microphone, a LED light, a smartphone holder, an audio cable, and a tripod frame. The tripod is sturdy and doubles as a hand grip for vlogging on the move. The smartphone holder is said to work with most smartphones, and I did not have an issue with it fitting mine. However, the only issue comes with the microphone and audio cable if you have a newer iPhone, or another smartphone device that does not have the standard headphone jack, as you would need an adapter to connect the audio cable from the microphone to your smartphone. However, for me, it all fit together fine with the smartphone holder sitting on the tripod, with the light and microphone stacked on top. Usefully these can all be swapped around to suit your set-up needs from vlogging to just podcasting without the smartphone holder.

It was lightweight and easy to carry when I took it on a spin to record some footage to see how well the kit worked together. The resulting footage was fairly good, and the audio was definitely clearer than the standard audio from a smartphone video alone thanks to the noise-reduction microphone. The LED offers 3 lighting levels, which were useful in illuminating the shot and so made the picture quality better in gloomy settings. The whole setup worked well and was helpful in allowing me to easily capture video and audio. It is fairly compact, however, definitely more noticeable than just using your smartphone alone, but in return, you get greater control, lighting and a microphone to help improve the quality of your content. For nearly £20 the kit allows you to try your hand at vlogging without having to spend considerably more for a full camera, microphone, and tripod set-up. Therefore, as an introduction to vlogging or as a toy for teens, this makes a great choice for those who want to try their hand at capturing video content in a fun way. 


- Affordable entry kit into content creation

- Bright LED with multiple settings

- Easy to set-up


- Requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included

- Requires a standard headphone port