Brinno EMPOWER TLC2000 Time Lapse Camera

The first time I remember seeing a time lapse video was on a David Attenborough nature programme, the combination of the clouds rushing across the beautiful African landscape and his soothing voice made such an impression on me I can still picture it to this day. When the Brinno EMPOWER TLC2000 arrived I was so excited to be able to reproduce my very own time lapse image and yes, I am aware of how sad that sounds.

Brinno DUO Smart Peephole DoorCam

I am a pretty antisocial person, if I don’t recognise a phone number chances are I’m not going to answer it, I am not so lucky with callers to the house, our front door is right by the window so by the time I’ve spied who it is they have seen me too and I’ve been told it looks a little rude when I drop to the floor and hastily crawl up the stairs to avoid people. The Brinno DUO Smart Peephole DoorCam lets you see who is at your door without having to leave your favourite hiding place, avoid the cold callers during dinner and even photograph dodgy looking t