Timeflip 2 Interactive Time Tracker 
My housemate is forever finding new apps and games for motivating her to work through her To Do lists and to help her focus. She was always a connoisseur of such games, and it was only more recently that she got diagnosed with ADHD, which shed some light on why she’d found them as helpful and necessary as she had. Games, variety, reward systems and randomisation can go a LONG way towards helping one trick the brain into focusing – it's true for many people, and twice as true if you’re in my housemate’s shoes. Because of this journey she’s been on, when I was handed the Timeflip 2, I knew exactly why it was so useful, and I also had all the research she’d done into the phenomena ringing in my ears. 

The Timeflip 2 is a giant d12 (That’s my D&D nerd showing. It’s a 12-sided die) with a smart component. The basic premise is that you roll the dice, and then, by programming the corresponding app to know which activity you have assigned to each side, you can randomise and plan out your day. Officially, the Timeflip is used by setting the d12 to sit with the task you’re currently doing face-up, so you can keep a running track of how you have divided your time during the day, but additionally, you can help yourself to focus by rolling the dice and doing whichever task it randomises for you. This adds an element of chance and play that gives your brain a kick of reward for whatever you land on, which cuts through that chemical reluctance to do it. 

The Timeflip 2 comes with a massive sticker-book full of versatile stickers for pretty much anything you could need to do for your work-life, from admin to coding and debugging to social media. It also has leisure activities such as games, music and all-important tea breaks. Just in case these didn’t cover everything, it also comes with pages and pages of blank stickers, and even handily includes a marker pen! To tell the app which side is assigned to which task, place a side face-down on the table, and then tell the app what it’s for. You can assign it a colour, a tag, and if it’s a billable task, you can even tell your app its pay rate, so it can calculate that for you. 

Timeflip 2s are sold individually or in multiple sets, so your work team can use them to track their tasks throughout the day. Whether you use this in the corporate context it has been designed, or as a personal focus aid, its dual function makes this a fantastic product. Its value is reflected in the versatility, functionality and intuitiveness of the app software, which allows every kind of individual or group monitoring function you would want. This is incredibly helpful if you want an easy way of keeping a running track between which clients you did various tasks for throughout the day, or if, like my housemate, you work best if your planning can depend on the roll of a dice. 

5/5A man's hands stick a logo sticker onto the TimeFlip 2

Interactive time-tracking
Easy-to-use app
LED feedback on your time goals
Customisable sides to the dice
Comes with sticker-book full of logos
Tracks your progress through the day
Can be used to randomise tasks
Great for aiding focus and productivity