Sometimes the oldies are the best, I remember making bottle rockets in our back garden and the anticipation of either it zipping up over the neighbours fence or it falling over in a with an anticlimactic flop. The Air Hogs Sonic Rocket combines a classic toy with modern technology by providing a motorised boost that can propel the rocket up to 200 ft in the air. Ready to go straight out of the box, the rocket features a rotating countdown. You can choose the amount of power you want to put behind the launch, choose between three power modes of 50 ft, 100 ft, or 200 ft,  choose your desired power and then you are ready to go. Complete with awesome rocket sounds too! A USB to Micro USB cable is provided to charge up your rocket but you will need a compatible plug, I think most of us have at least one kicking around the house these days and it keeps the product cost down.

You will get about 50 launches for a single charge and each charge takes about 25-30 minutes to get a full charge, the rocket comes with no additional assembly, it would have felt like you were creating something if you got to put the stickers on or something but then again, I would have probably got it wrong and it wouldn’t have looked near as good. The rocket is a good size at 9 x 4.25 x 2 and the base measures 5.75 x 5.5 x 1.3, it is recommended for outside use (large open areas are best) but due to its lightweight it is best to keep out of the wind. The rocket is made from a crash-resistant EPP foam to help keep it in once piece when it comes back down to earth, but again because of its lightweight it lands rather gracefully, no crash landings here. The rocket is suitable for ages 8 years and over but it is recommended that it is always used under the direct supervision of an adult. The Air Hogs Sonic Rocket is good clean fun and rather addictive. RRP £19.99

4 out of 5

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Ready to go straight out of the box

3 launch heights

Rotating countdown

Makes rocket sounds