I was obsessed with tigers when I was little and would have done anything to have a little tiger friend of my own, but due to logistical reasons and the risk of getting swallowed whole, my parents got me a Sylvania ice cream truck instead. We all have scars from childhood. The Roarin’ Tyler is a playful tiger pet that almost definitely won’t eat your children, his favourite way to play is to ROAR, if you make noise he roars back.  Suitable for ages 4 and up (batteries not included), this little cub responds to sounds and touch with 100+ sound-and-motion combinations. If you pet his head, his eyes might close, pet him on his muzzle and he moves, rub him on the tummy and he shreds your arm…no, wait that was my cat. Tyler also comes with a little chicken toy that he reacts to when it squeaks. RRP £99.99

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