These cute little games units are a must-have for arcade fans, collectors and retro hunters.  They have all the playability and addictiveness of the originals and are the ultimate desk addition.

Let’s face it - owning an original, full-sized classic arcade unit is way beyond most of us. So, Micro Player have produced these mini games consoles to fulfil the fantasy, and Gadgethead were sent three units to try. If you’re an arcade fan, you’ll sure to remember all of these:

Pac-man – Collect the Pac-Dots and avoid the ghosts

Dig-Dug – Vanquish the underground monsters

Galaga – Defend against alien spacecraft

You can buy these consoles for around £34.99 from Amazon, GAME, HMV and other leading game retailers. They are packaged well and feel good before you even open them up, making them a great gift for those gamers who like a bit of nostalgia.

They run on either x4 AA batteries or a micro USB cable (not included).  There is even an ear plug jack to fully immerse yourself in the experience (and not annoy the people around you!).

These mini machines are joy stick controlled; however, this unscrews if you would prefer to use the buttons giving the gamer control flexibility.

The screens are 2.75-inch full colour, which may seem small, but when you start playing your eyes and sensations adapt and it soon drags you into the game.

These are as fun as the originals to play, and they make the perfect Christmas present. I loved the feeling of going back to a basic game and they compliment today’s detailed games perfectly. RRP £34.99

3.8 out of 5

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Huge fun factor



Harder than the original to play, as smaller