Throw on some Lycra and back comb your hair; we are heading back to the 1981 when Dave Theurer and Atari combined to create Tempest. This iconic arcade game came along and smashed a few boundaries with a bunch of firsts. This game was one of the first games that used Atari's Colour-QuadraScan vector display technology. It allowed players to choose their starting level via the Atari "SkillStep" system, and was also the first system that allowed you to increase the maximum starting level depending on the player's performance in the previous game. The Tempest was also one of the first video games to sport a progressive level design in which the levels changed rather than reproducing the same layout with increasing difficulty levels.

All these firsts meant that this game became the staple of any self-respecting arcade. As much as you might love to own an original in your home, not only will it set you back a small fortune, but it will also take up a hell of a lot of space: enter the Tempest X Replicade from New Wave Toys. This is a life-size replica Tempest machine (if you were a Borrower), actually measure at 12”. It measures up 1/6th of the scale of the original arcade cabinet and is fully licensed by Atari. This size has been chosen to allow it to comfortably fit on bookshelves (along with all your other toys replicas), desk or bar.

New Wave Toys have aimed to stay as true to the original game play as possible; you just need to hit the left red coin door button on the machine to add credits and even comes with mini tokens. This cabinet has been handcrafted from wood and has a die cast metal coin door that opens to reveal a storage compartment. The beautifully reproduced side panel, bezel, and control panel graphics are printed on high quality vinyl overlays and the cabinet also features LED illuminated marquee and button accents. The mini rotary control comes with swappable spinner caps, the Amplified-Mono audio is authentically reproduced, the non-volatile memory saves the highest scores, and the built-in rechargeable battery allows you to play it anywhere you like (USB charging cable included), whilst the high resolution screen is optimised for vector graphics, making the game pop with colour and detail.

This wonderful little replica lets you enjoy all the charm of original Tempest arcade game and lets you feel like a giant at the same time, - what’s not to love? This is a must-have for any nostalgic collector. RRP $119.99

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5 out of 5


1/6th high quality replica

Fun to play

Comes with arcade tokens for credit

High Res screen

Mini Rotary control with swappable spinner caps

Wood cabinet construction

Amplified-Mono audio reproduction

High resolution cabinet art reproduction on quality 3M vinyl overlays

Built-in rechargeable battery

High resolution screen optimized for vector graphics

Officially licensed by Atari