For all of you who said they would never be able to successfully combine a horse with a bicycle, be prepared to feel very silly indeed. For the rest of you who think normal thoughts with your brain, let me introduce you to the PonyCycle. Children and their slow growing limbs have to wait until the ripe old age of seven before most instructors will throw them into the saddle, so this might make a suitable substitute until then, after all it looks incredibly realistic - well no that’s a lie - but it is super cute and fuzzy. The PonyCycle Ride On comes in six designs plus unicorn, we received the unicorn (obviously the best) and this is suitable for ages 3-5 and will take a maximum weight of 25kg, there are larger versions available for older children. Just like real unicorns the PonyCycle is easy to assemble and requires zero batteries or charging which makes a nice change, it is 100% kid powered, all they have to do is move up and down with their feet on the pedals to ride the unicorn, this will move the unicorn’s legs and head forward and cause the four legged friend to perform a galloping motion and propel the mighty steed forwards.

There are handles on either side of the animal’s head to help guide the unicorn in the right direction but just like a stubborn old mule it won’t do everything for you tell it and refuses to go backwards, so a certain amount of stopping, lifting it up and turning it around will be required. Whilst it may just look like a lot of fun the PonyCycle helps to improve balance and co-ordination skills as well as encouraging them to be active, after a long hard day in the saddle your jockey can brush out the tail and mane to encourage the imaginative play. The 4 easy-glide wheels means that PonyCycle Ride On can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, but due to the lack of brakes, make sure it only gets ridden on flat ground. The PonyCycle is a cute, fun and active toy which is a cool step up from your traditional rocking horse. RRP £199.99

4.5 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Easy to assemble

Quality construction

Encourages imagination, balance and coordination skills

Active play

7 cute designs

Easy glide wheel

Brushable mane and tail


Doesn’t go backwards