Anything that encourages youngsters to get moving is a great idea, the Soundmoovz are an interesting product that combines movement and sound to which lets your dance moves create the music rather than the letting the beat inspire your movement. The Soundmoovz are motion activated musical bands that can be worn on your wrists, ankles or shoelaces and work alongside an app via Bluetooth, the sound comes from your phone or smart device not the bands themselves. The In the App are 400 pre-set sounds to choose from, create; beats, rhythms, music and more. Wear the Bands on your wrists, ankles or shoelaces. Suitable from ages 8+ the Soundmoovz come in a pack of two but for more fun you can wear up to four bands at once and pair up to seven (why seven? When the come in packs of two?), you can layer up the beat onto a song through the Backing Track option on the app and connect to a wireless speaker for an even louder sound. It’s easy to set up, download the app, compatible with leading smartphones and devices, the minimum requirement for the app is iOS 10 or up and Android 4.4 or up.

Once its been downloaded, you pair up the bands and select what sound you want each band to make, there is a whopping 400 pre-set sounds to choose from, beats, rhythms, music and more, the Sound Share also allows you the option of downloading even more sounds. Moving your wrists, ankles and feet can activate the SoundMoovz Bandz and sends a Bluetooth signal to the SoundMoovz app and the sound instantly plays, there are options to adjust the sensitivity for more reactive beats dependant on the rhythm you want to create. You can play by yourself or with friends, they are available in Black, Purple and Blue, the silicone straps are stretchy and comfortable making it easy to get a precise fit for more reactive results. We enjoyed playing around with the SoundMoovz and they are fun at first but long term they need to add more to the app to keep you interested as they are currently rather limited, there is also a slight delay on the response to movement which can result in your dance moves becoming out of time with the beat, but I think I am expecting too much from toy. Over all the SoundMoovz Bandz are a little limited but a lot of fun, fingers crossed for more features in the future but in the mean time jump around and make lots of noise. RRP £49.99

3.8 out of 5

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Easy to use

400 different sounds

Comfortable to wear


Slight delayed reaction

Limited game play