One of the latest additions to the Sphero family is Spider-Man - with his animated LCD eyes, he is expressive and a little cheeky. Like all the best superheroes, he is Bluetooth enabled, with a 30m range. Together you can go on missions and fight crime!

Spider-Man’s Wi-Fi capabilities allow for automatic updates of the latest missions, villains, and other content. Like his comic-book counterpart, he has a quick wit and will take you on with his cheeky banter. He is voice activated with a good, clear quality speaker and integrated microphone. He connects over the free iPhone and Android compatible app, allowing you to team up with Spidey and decide the best way to defeat infamous baddies including Doc Ock, Venom and Vulture. Pressing the button on Spidey’s chest twice and speaking phrases such as 'Fight some bad guys' or 'Practice our skills' will activate these experiences, and allow you to choose between powers like blasting robots, zapping flies and answering trivia questions to stop the baddies in their tracks.

Spidey comes with a web charging base, which provides two hours of constant play time from a 40-minute charge. Other features include the ‘Guard’ function - this mode activates his built-in motion sensor that will alert you if someone tries to sneak in somewhere they shouldn’t. He also has an alarm which you can set up in the app to get you up in the morning, or the evening (but he will judge you for this).

Spider-Man is an odd one for us: he doesn’t get about like the other Sphero products we have tried; only his arms move up and down, but his LCD eyes are pretty cool, and he is entertaining with lots of mini-games and progressive content. He is still a little limited in what he can do; the games are fun but there is a risk he won’t hold the attention span of some little Marvel fans for long. The tech works well, with relatively good voice recognition, although you will need to be close for him to ensure he can hear you. The guard and alarm features work well and we look forward to seeing what he will do in the future. RRP £149.99

4 out of 5

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iOS and Android compatible

Premium silicone finish

Web charging base (over 2 hours of play for 4 hours charge)

Expressive LCD eyes

Clear audio

Interactive with voice recognition

Lots of content

Alarm and Guard features

Solid construction



Limited movements