You could show this little car to some people and they might rightly assume it’s a matchbox car from the 50’s as it has that attention to detail and built to last quality that harks back to the toys of Christmas past, however, show it to anyone with a games console and they will recognise it as Fusion Flea, the vehicle from the Fallout series. This 1:18 scale die cast replica was the go-to vehicle for the folks in the Fallout universe, this scaled down version of the sweet little three-wheeler is manufactured by the Chryslus motoring company who gift it to its employees as thank-you for two-years of hard work at the company and comes complete with a commemorative hard enamel pin and specially designed, vintage postcard.

This version has been wonderfully recreated with a mix of thickly painted die-cast metal, engineered plastics and thermoplastic rubber for a truly detailed looking product. If you lift the hood the engine will automatically light up thanks to the three included LR44 button cell batteries, you will also see the nuclear core of this engine glowing away even after all these years (seriously, shine a light at it for a short while and it will glow in the dark). The premium paint job is colour-matched to the in-game Flea, if has Chromium plated light cowls, luggage rack and other details for a neat finish, the all-metal body gives this Flea a satisfying weight, the wheels have rubber tyres, the seat is also made from rubber.

The detail is truly impressive, and every version of this Bethesda’s natty Fusion Flea has been carefully replicated and the areas that have never been revealed show the inner workings of the compact nuclear engine, the steering and suspension geometry. Even if you have never even picked up a copy of Fallout it will be difficult not to be impressed by this little car and you will be torn between wanting to display it on the mantle piece and push it around the floor making whining nuclear engine sort of noises, we suggest you do both. RRP £89.99

5 out of 5

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Beautiful detailed replica

Metallic paint job

Rubber and Chrome plated detailing

Premium die-cast construction

Commemorative enamel pin and a special postcard

Opening canopy: Inner detail of cockpit revealed

Engine lights up when hood is opened

Removable glow in the dark nuclear core