Do you ever have a heavy night, wake up the next morning with a strong coffee and then drive to work? Did you know that you could still be over the legal limit the next day? Maybe you own a business where you need to know you team are always 100% safe to be behind the wheel?

The AlcoMate Revo has been designed with professional use in mind. At first look at the marketing, you could be fooled into believing the Revo has a sensor that will last you a lifetime, as there is a lot of talk about never needing to send it away for calibration. I should mention here that regular breathalysers need calibrating once a year to keep them accurate, which often involves sending them back to their manufacturer. The Revo does not require this. This is not a magic sensor, however - it still only lasts one year or 1000 uses (whichever comes first). What is different is that a replacement sensor is included in your kit, and the device is able to take further replacements rather than needing to be sent away. Disappointingly, however, after you use up the spare,you will need to purchase another sensor at just shy of half the price of the original handset.

Sensor replacement aside, the Revo comes with a handy zip-up carry case with a metal snap carabiner attachment, two AAA batteries, a protective hard case and lots of replacement mouthpieces. It is easy to use: simply switch the Revo on and blow, and the result will be displayed on the four-digit LCD screen. All AlcoMate are DOT approved for US law enforcement accuracy and cleared by US Coast Guard regulations for breathalysers-on-board.

The Revo feels well-built and delivers accurate results instantly, but it isn’t the most economic choice out there - at $219 and another $89.95 after two years and every year after that, it might worth shopping around. RRP $219

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4 out of 5



0.000-0.400% BAC (G/DL) detection range


Carry case

Spare sensor included