AlcoSense, based in Maidenhead in Berkshire, was formed back in 2005. The story goes, Hunter Abbott (AlcoSense’s Managing Director) drove home the day after a wedding only to discover a friend, who drank the same amount as Hunter the night before, was pulled over by the police, breathalysed and failed, this led to a 12month driving ban followed by the loss of his job. Since that wake-up call it took two years of research before AlcoSense released their first personal breathalyser (2007) and have since gone on to win numerous awards including from the likes of WhatCar, Auto Express and Fifth Gear.

The AlcoSense Excel uses a 64mm² version of the 200mm² Fuel Cell sensor used in several UK, US & European Police Breathalysers, the Excel’s sensor is identical to the law enforcement version, just smaller, giving the Excel unrivalled accuracy at this price point. The Excel is easy to use, after the initial set up the screen will walk you through everything you need to do and remind you of the safety precautions every time you go to use the AlcoSense. You are able to set the limit, as for example Scotland has a lower drink drive limit than the rest of the UK and the result is displayed on a 1.8 inch colour screen and pops a detailed reading of your alcohol level in your choice of breath (mg/L) or blood (‰BAC) along with a traffic light colour background for a quick reference. These are as follows, green- good to go, amber- between 20%-80% of your set limit (AlcoSense recommend do not drive) and red- 20% or greater than your set limit- do not drive.

To make sure the Excel stays accurate there is a calibration reminder set for 12months, this involves posting it back to AlcoSense, which may seem like a hassle but AlcoSense will use a police spec Breath Alcohol Simulators and return it to you within 5 working days, there are no cutting corners here. I tested the Excel out after a long and heavy night drinking (the things I do for GadgetHead), although there wasn’t a hope in hells chance I was leaving the house and due to the fact the room was spinning I wasn’t at all surprised to find I was still over the limit, later on when I felt a little more human when I would have considered myself safe to drive it turned out I was still over the limit.

 The Excel isn’t just a clever gadget, it is potentially a life saver, not just for the driver by all the motorists on the road who could be involved in an accident when the driver mistakenly believe that alcohol will no longer impair their driving. At only £100 there are no negatives to the Excel even the annoying beep can be turned down or off and with the positives being potentially lifesaving it is a worthwhile investment. RRP £99.99

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Accurate 64mm2 Fuel Cell Sensor – smaller version of Police sensor

48mm Full Colour TFT Screen

Works with any drink drive limit in the world

Re-calibration alert

Easy to use