There’s something iconic about a lone rider, growling down the road on a motorcycle, just them and the road, but what’s more fun is riding with a buddy, or your whole crew, the downside to this is that, unlike a road trip in a car, it’s pretty tricky to play ‘I spy’ with your mates. The Cardo Packtalk Bold is a communication system designed specifically for motorcycles that allows you to remain connected with the rest of your travel buddies. The Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) solves the issues caused by Bluetooth and it is the most capable motorcycle communication system in the world; once your intercom is set, it is done, and you can forget about it. It is suitable for all weather thanks to the IP67, this means you can moan about the rain, mud, dust or snow to whoever you are with. The Packtalk Bold has a voice operation feature which means you never have to take your hands off the handlebars, all you need to say is, “Hey Cardo” and the Packtalk will do the rest.

The sound is produced by JBL, well known for their passion for good audio, which means you have a satisfactory sound quality experience that is only disrupted occasionally by helmet noises or the wind (both the weather and digestion variety). This pack comes with two headsets but it is capable of connecting up to 15, whilst the long-distance signal of up to 1 mile keeps you in check with those at the front and rear of the pack, this sort of distance requires perfect conditions without obstructions, but you will get around 800-1000 metres in normal conditions. Other features include 13 hours of talk time with a charge-as-you-ride option, built-in FM radio, you can connect to any Bluetooth headset of any substantial brand, stream music from your phone and share with your travel companions, 40mm speakers with automatic volume that adjusts the sound volume based on the outside ambient noise, which means it will lower the volume when you stop at the lights and turn it up again as you open the throttle.

The Private Chat function lets you select one person to natter to if you need a bit of privacy, you can answer calls and even merge them into the conversation with the rest of the pack, in fact you can merge any Bluetooth intercom with your group conversation, just switch from DMC to Bluetooth mode. The app is straight forward and easy to use, providing you with full control of your device and settings, whilst the installation is also simple and user friendly, it integrates into the helmet so you never have to put anything in your ears or encounter any discomfort. The Cardo Packtalk Duo is a feature-packed communication system that helps you stay connected over long journeys and enjoy the ride together. RRP £559.99

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4.8 out of 5


Connects up to 15 riders

Satisfactory sound quality

Bluetooth headset unit

Answer calls and stream music from your phone

Up to 1600 metres (1Mi)

FM radio with RDS

Automatic volume adjustment

Functional app

13-hour battery life


Helmet and strong winds can create noise down the mic