FOBO tire is the world's first Bluetooth Smart TPMS (tire pressure monitor system) that uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect directly to your Android and iOS device. It features an intelligent In-Car monitoring unit that works on its own or simultaneously with your smartphone to provide you with information on all 4 tires (up to 350 kPa 50 psi).

The FOBO Tire will work even when the car isn’t running, ensuring your tires stay properly inflated, it comes with 2xAA batteries for the In-Car unit and CR2032 batteries for the sensors which should last you up to two years, making the FOBO completely wireless. You can monitor up to 20 cars to the app on one device but obviously, you will need multiple FOBO kits which, at just over £140, can be a costly affair, the sensors can be shared with up to 100 users making it ideal for hapless car owners who can’t inflate their own tires.

The sensors are easy to install, they simply screw on to the valves (took us about 5 minutes with the use of the apps onscreen instructions). Once installed, each FOBO Tire sensor is linked to your own personal cloud account which means if stolen they cannot be reused, ha ha thieves you are out of luck but sadly so are you; as you would have to shell out for another kit. Equally, if one happens to fall off whilst driving the FOBO will let you know, but then you will have to cough up £28 for a replacement, after 3 weeks however we haven’t had any issues of missing sensors and they seem fairly stuck on there so I wouldn’t worry too much. The kit even comes with anti-theft nut and a small wrench to mechanically lock the sensors from being stolen.

The FOBO tire will provide you with the latest tire pressure, temperature and battery readings. If you are anything like me and just completely forget to look after your car’s tires then this is a great little device to help keep your cars performance optimised, ensuring a safer trip whenever you are out on the road. RRP £140

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4 out of 5


Bluetooth connectivity

Monitor pressure and temperature in real time

Works even when the ignition is off

Monitor up to 20 cars from one smartphone

Share data to up to 100 devices

Easy to install

Battery included