Motorcycle jeans have made great progress in the last few years and the Furygan 01s are some of the most comfortable I have worn.

Riding jeans offer much better protection than casual jeans, as they have been specifically designed for impact. They will survive a slide better, as they are abrasive-resistant with their added protection, and they won’t transfer all the heat generated from the slide to your skin. They not only protect against off-the-bike crashes, but also from moving hazards we riders attract such as flicked up stones from the road. If oncoming traffic flicks a piece of road gravel towards you at 30 mph and you are doing 50 mph, then it will hit you at a combined speed of 80 mph - ouch! Normal jeans will struggle to stop a sharp stone from puncturing the material, but reinforced riders’ jeans will fare much better.

These Furygan jeans have strong seams and use Aramid fibre material on the inside of the leg, hips and the seat to protect you. The Aramid fibre is basically Furygan’s version of the trademarked Kevlar. These jeans also have the latest D30 knee protectors, which can be adjustable to three different heights to ensure the pad is at the correct level for all leg lengths. The very best thing about these jeans is that looking at them, you wouldn’t know they were motorcycle clothing; they look normal.

These jeans are made from a stretchable denim, which makes them very wearable and gives a great fit. The sizing is French, so your UK size won’t apply. You need to take your UK size, i.e. 36, add eight and they should be good. Mind you, they did err on the smaller size, so as a 44 I would consider a smaller 46.

Rider jeans don’t have to compromise style, comfort and protection anymore. These Jean 01s are a straight cut, with real denim looks and great design. They offer excellent protection with the appearance of a pair of fashion jeans.  RRP £130

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Top notch knee pads