The T3 is a dashboard camera available in Stone Grey or Fire Red. It can be used to focus on the world outside of the car or to record you inside the car, andIt features a 360° rotatable camera  is designed to allow for easy adjustment of the camera angle., it can be used to focus on the world outside of the car or record you inside the car.

The T3 is has a smooth cylindrical shape and compact size that fits discretely behind the car’s rear-view mirror, with no flashingy lights or display screens to distract you whilst you are driving. The T3 records in 1080P HD and features a F2.0 large aperture, non-spherical, all-glass, high-definition lens and the Panasonic low light sensor.,  It also features distortion correction, backlight compensation, light suppression, and colour enhancement help to produce a clear and bright image. The 141° wide-angle, captures a large image, making sure you don’t miss a thing.

, tThe cameraT3  also has a microphone and will hold a Mircro SD up to 64GB, which will allow you to store 1000 minutes worth of video (16 hours of uninterrupted recording). The T3It comes with a handy little remote which can be attached to your stirring wheel, and has a large button to initiate a twelve12 second recording without having to remove your hands from the stirring wheel, to capture those silly or dangerous mistakes other drivers make on the road.

 You can use the companion app to review your videos and share them on social media, and it won’t use up your data as it connects via its own built-in WiFi. The T3 also has HD Night Vision, number plate recognition technology system and a parking security mode which will detect motion near your car to catch any body up to know good around your vehicle.

 The GOLUK T3 is a versatile little camera -, the image quality is good and it is easy to set up and use., oOne change I would like to see is the removable flashing red light when it is on parking mode so be it would be a bit more discrete, but all together it’s an ok camera. RRP $99.99

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4 out of 5



Easy to install

1080p images

12sec video remote

Parking security mode

360degree rotatable

Night mode


Flashing red light during parking mode