Every now and then, we get in a gadget that aims to make the use your phone as a Sat. Nav. as easy as possible. This often involves fiddly brackets or sucker pads on your window, which block your view when driving. The Hudway Glass is a clever piece of kit that allows you to see your directions without having to take your eyes off the road. It fits to any dash, with options of either a compact mount, or a larger one with a bendable base. Simply place your device on top of the mount, slide it and it will snap into place. As your phone itself isn’t clamped into place, you can easily remove it as you leave the car.

To use the Hudway Glass, you need to place your smartphone in your line of sight. The glass lifts to a 90˚ angle and reflects the screen’s image. As the image in the glass is a reverse of the image on your screen, you will need to download a compatible app - there are lots to choose from but you won’t be able to use Google maps (the HUD app is a good choice as it keeps the image big, bold and minimal.) The Glass has been treated with layers of special coating on the transparent lens to create a crisp reflection whilst remaining transparent, so you can still see the road though the screen. It works well on both gloomy or bright days due to the tinted lens, is easily discernible, and you can adjust your screen’s brightness for the best results.

I like the simplicity of the Hudway Glass – it is a minimalistic, clean design that looks good on your dash, and you don’t need to remember to charge it or waste time setting you phone into it. It can be easily adjusted for different drivers’ heights, and is a practical and tasteful addition to your car. RRP $49.95

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4.7 out of 5


Clean, simple design

Works with any smartphone

Increases image 20%

Transparent screen

Easily adjustable


Needs special reverse screen apps to work