The number of times I manage to take a wrong turn when using sat nav in the car simply by taking it too early or missing it entirely is fairly impressive, the issue is that sat navs have been designed to be both an audio and visual guide, however my phone is nearly always in the glove box, and yes I could stick a mount to the windscreen but I find that blocks my view. The Hudway Glass aims to give you a HUD (head-up display) experience in a car without the feature built in, it works by reflecting your phone screen onto a transparent surface so you can see your GSP system without blocking your view of the road. The Hudway comes with two adhesive mounts, the larger of the two (this one is bendable) failed to stick to my dash, I am assuming this was because of the textured finish however the smaller one provided a sturdy foundation.

My phone case has a matte finish which slid about a bit on the mount, but it held firm once I removed it. The display can be folded down or you can remove it completely from the mount when not in use and it looks attractive with clean lines and a compact finish. The image reflected on the screen is a mirror image so you will need to download special apps like Hudway Go if you want to use sat nav for example, you will also need to ensure you have the display set to landscape (it doesn’t really work in portrait). The HUD apps are minimalist to avoid too much distraction on the road and include widgets with driver information such as the speed, your location and driving score, however the most useful function is the sat nav. There are a few apps to choose from but sadly none of them match the quality and speed of google maps, when using the Hudway Go the app struggled to find our location in rural areas and took a while to load up. The display is crisp and clear, which can be used both day and night, but those sluggish navigation apps could put you off using it, if you can get on with the apps the Hudway Glass is a pretty cool display. $49.95

Current Cheapest Price

4 out of 5


Works with any smartphone

Produces 20% larger image

Transparent display

No wires or batteries needed

Easy installation


Navigation apps are sluggish

Doesn’t work in portrait mode