Our friends at Muc-Off regularly send us a box of their goodies for us to test and let you guys know what we thought of them.  This year, the real issue is where to start with all the gear they sent us!

Firstly, a bit of background for those who don’t know Muc-off: they are a leading cycling products company whose aim is to keep you and your toys running at their maximum, and making them look like new again when you’re done!

Muc-off have gone from very humble beginnings in 1991 where Rex Trimnell created a pink spray to clean his kit.  Fast forward to today, and Muc-off is the go-to brand for top riders and racers from the likes of Team Sky to Atherton Racing.  They still make the legendary pink cleaner, as well as a bundle of other stuff.

We were sent their entire range of performance body creams, and I have tried them all.  They all offer something different, from warm-up to recovery aiding.  I am unsure whether my performance was enhanced or my recovery helped, but they do feel luxurious and most of us will take advantage of any benefit offered. As lots of us take energy drinks/recovery drinks when cycling, it seems a natural progression to use lotions that we put directly onto our bodies.  They feel and smell great, and as somebody that suffers with sensitive skin, I found all 4 of these creams to be fine with no adverse reaction.


  • Luxury Warm Up Cream - RRP£15

The warm up cream is designed for use in temperatures above 2 ̊C and in damp weather conditions.  It claims to include an intelligent ‘self thinking’ heating system!


  • Amino Explosive Power and Amino Ultra Endurance - RRP£24 each

Both the Explosive cream and the Ultra Endurance cream give your body sustained explosive power.  The Explosive cream increases the availability of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, whilst the Ultra Endurance is designed to protect them from a buildup of lactic acid. Developed specifically for Endurance athletes, the combination of these creams helps to increase and sustain your energy. 


  • Amino Recovery Balm - RRP£24

The recovery balm helps tired, aching muscle pains after intense sport. Amino Recovery Balm revives, reconditions and freshens your body whilst providing a gentle cooling sensation. The formula should calm, relax and rejuvenate your body to help regeneration and boost energy levels. It does this using Glutamine, which is the most abundant amino acid in the muscle cells. 


  • Luxury Chamois Cream - RRP£20

Chamois cream is a high performance product that naturally reduces the friction of your skin. It is specifically formulated to deeply moisturize your skin for riding comfort and protection, over long distances and in all conditions.


  • X-3 Dirty Chain Machine - RRP£30

This is a really handy little machine that makes a dirty and unpleasant job quick, easy and clean.  Top the machine up with the Muc-off Chain Cleaner, attach it to the bike chain and run the chain through it by simply rotating the pedals.  The machine catches the dirt and used cleaner fluid, keeping the job simple and tidy. After use, you have a choice of Muc-off lubes to apply to the chain. 


  • Dry Lube RRP£4, Dry Ceramic RRP£10, Wet Lube RRP£4, Wet Ceramic RRP £10

Dry lube provides the best protection in dry, dusty and damp conditions, whereas wet lube is specifically formulated to excel over long distances in wet or muddy conditions. Ceramic dry or wet lube creates a coating that provides incredible durability and long distance performance on all bicycle chains.  All these products will keep your chain in top notch condition and keeps everything nice and quiet.


  • Silicone Shine - RRP£10

Simply spray, wipe and keep everything shiny.


  • Micro Fiber Wash Mitt – RRP£10

I have been using these for years and they are a brilliant addition to any cleaning kit.  They hold the soap and water and makes cleaning fast and easy.


  • Sponge – RRP£3

Soft and scratch free.


  • Two Prong Brush -  RRP£6
    This is brilliant at getting into places that a flat brush can’t.  Mine is used most on my spokes and car alloys


  • Bike Protect Spray – RRP£10

The spray formula leaves a dry, non-sticky protective film - this is a clear coating that prevents rust and adds an extra protection.  Use after washing to drive out excess water 


  • Spray Wax - RRP £7

This is a simple spray that lifts away dust and light blemishes.  It is a wax and detailer in one and leaves a protective, high gloss water beading.         

  • Bike Cleaner - RRP£9 upwards on volume
    Still the best in my opinion and great value for money.  I use this on my bikes, motorbikes and cars.  Brilliant stuff.
    Highly cost effective!   


  • Tyre Shine Gel - RRP£2
    The gel gives a deep, luxurious shine that can last for weeks. This unique formula is packed with silicon oils which, when shaken, mix together to create a high gloss, wet-look shine. The extra thick viscosity and ultra concentrated gel ensures it will outlast the competition and give your tires maximum protection. Your tires will have never looked or smelled so good!  


  • MO94 Spray - RRP£6

MO94 Spray is as handy as another well know brand in blue and yellow.  This stuff is great at freeing up seized parts, disperses moisture to prevent rust and corrosion, provides light lubrication for moving parts, and prevents dirt adhesion.  MO-94 isn’t just for bikes, motorcycles or cars; it works on just about anything. Whether you’ve got a squeaky door hinge, a rusty lock or a bolt that you just can’t turn, MO-94 is all you need. 

Muc-off has a product for most jobs and you won’t be disappointed.  There are cheaper products out there, but they are not the same quality at all.  If you go for one of their special bumper packs, there are some really good discounts to be had.

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