The 412GW Dash Cam from Nextbase features QUAD HD 1440p recording, which delivers images at 30 frames per second with a high frame rate option of 60fps recording at full 1080p HD. It uses six-element sharp lenses, made up of six layers of glass to provide excellent picture clarity, and it has a 140° viewing angle. It attaches via the new Click & Go magnetic mount, making it easy to install; the mount uses magnets and powered touch points, allowing the camera itself to be free from wires and therefore be easy to remove when you leave the car. The device starts automatically when you click it on the mount, the built-in Wi-Fi lets you download and share recordings onto your mobile or tablet using the free app (Available on IOS or Android), and you can store footage you want to keep on your device through the app.

The 412G has a large 3” 16:9 LED panel and menu selection with an easy to use touch button menu. The SOS data protection feature prevents anything recorded after an impact or unusual event from being deleted, and the built-in GPS provides you with details of speed and location that can be viewed on your PC or Mac using the software. The 412GW can be installed via the 12V power cable or can be hardwired It supports SDHC and SDXC micro SD cards up to a 32GB, which will give you up to four hours of footage before it loops around and starts to re-record. However, the G-sensor will recognise sudden or unusual movements such as sharp braking or a collision - this recording will then be locked and cannot be recorded over. The inbuilt battery has up to 30minute backup in the event of an accident causing the power to cut.

The camera offers a decent night vision that is clear enough for identifying number plates. My only complaint with this camera is that it doesn’t come with a Micro SD - come on guys, when you are charging £130 for a product, you could at least throw in the one thing we need to get it to work. However, the 412GW dash cam is an excellent choice when looking for a front-facing dash cam: it provides beautifully clear images in both daylight and at night, it turns on and off with the ignition and can easily be removed from the magnetic attachment. RRP £129.99

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4.9 out of 5


140-degree wide angle

QUAD 1440p High Definition recording at 30 fps

60fps recording at FULL 1080p HD

Inbuilt Wi-Fi and GPS

3.0” LED

Night vision

Powered Magnetic Click & Go mount


Inbuilt battery with up to 30-minute backup in the event of an accident

Easy to install

SOS data protection


No Micro SD included