Whether you are out on a motorbike or a horse, chances are that if you come off it, even at low speeds, you are going to do yourself some real damage. So, no, safety clothing isn’t a very cool look - I mean, you never see cowboys or Hell’s Angels dressed head to toe in PPE, but it’s so important to dress appropriately when riding, and when that clothing could potentially save your life, style is not important.

The ProAir2 is a super light-weight integrated back protector that has been tested and approved to Level 2 when the airbag is not inflated. When the airbag is fully inflated, it provides additional protection to the back and torso from the impact of falling off your motorcycle, such as hitting the road, tree or railings. The air jacket is designed to be worn as the outmost layer of your motorcycle clothing and does up with a series of buckles. It sits loose enough on your body that you can run your hand from your chest to the bottom of the jacket without it snagging, which allows the jacket to safely inflate without becoming too snug. There are instructions included to make sure you have the air jacket fitted precisely, to ensure that it will protect the areas of the body it is designed to protect.

 The ProAir2 works by attaching a lanyard to the ring of the adjustable saddle attachment. If you have an accident and come off of your motorbike, the cord will be pulled and the jacket will inflate instantly via a CO₂ gas canister. After 15-20 seconds the jacket will deflate again, much like an airbag in a car. Just remember to unclip it before jumping off the bike at the end of a safe journey, or you will have the fright of your life!

The Point Two ProAir2/MC Lite is a high quality, lightweight jacket that will give you added protection in the event of an accident. it takes a little getting used to, both putting it on and remembering to unclip it before you dismount, but for the protection it offers it’s a small price to pay. RRP £420

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Instantly inflates

Deflates after 15-20 seconds


Quick and easy to attach and detach