The QR790S Quad is the first Quad HD dash Camera on the market. Created by Qvia, this dash cam system comes with both front and rear cameras, the front camera has Quad HD resolution (2560x1440p) whilst the rear has Full HD (1920x1080p) at 30fps. The Front camera also features a Sony STARVIS Sensor this provides a clear and sharp image in both high and low light conditions, the rear camera uses the Sony Exmor Sensor which works at a low definition but still provides good quality images. This camera uses a 30mm UV filter this helps to increase the image quality by reducing the levels of UV that reach the sensor it also protects the lens from damage and makes the image brighter.

The Quad HD means that the QR790S has four times as many pixels as HD and double the Pixels of Full HD, as expected the images are sharp and detailed, ensuring you don’t miss the tiniest details in the event of an incident. The night vision feature uses the image processing technology of Qvia and ISP technology to brightens the image so even in low light you can see what is going on around the car, the whole system is easy to install thanks to the LED colour DIY installation guide. The Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS) keeps you safe on the road and includes Lane Departure Warning System, letting you know if you accidently veer out of your lane, the Front Collision Warning System, alerting you to an imminent collision and the Front Car Moving Detection, giving you a warning when the car in front starts to move whilst your car is stationary.

The QR790 has built in Wi-Fi allowing you to view instant play back and video in real time via the app on your smart device, the dual band GPS and Glonass navigation systems provides accurate location data as well as activation of the ADAS including auto date/time correction, speed limit and the ‘P Mode’ (Pseudo Speed) that provides ADAS in areas with weak signal. The QR790 has Dual Save to minimise the loss of important data, it has vibration mode, low voltage cut off to prevent it draining the car battery, built in battery life, security LED warning light and is heat resistant. There are various recording modes including Always Recording, Event Recording (saves data in the event of a collision), Parking Recording with motion detection, Parking Time Lapse and Manual Recording. This is a high performing and full featured camera that’s easy to install, providing clear and bright images (both front and rear), and helping to keep you safer on the busy roads. RRP £399

4.5 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Bright, clear Quad HD images

Easy to install

Front and rear unit


Night Vision

Built in Wi-Fi

Dual Band GPS and Glonass

Built in battery

Dual Save


Large front unit

Small buttons on front unit