It is becoming an increasing necessity to protect yourself and your vehicle with hard evidence in the case of an accident. The flipside to this is that you don’t want a load of tech cluttering up your dashboard or distracting you from the road. The RAC 205 dash cam is a compact, forward facing, basic dash cam designed to give you security and reassurance whilst driving, day or night. The footage is stored on an included 8GB microSD card, which will automatically loop and re-record over old footage to continue filming. The RAC 205 can be installed in any vehicle. It records in Full HD 1080p quality, with a 140-degree wide angle lens. You will capture everything you need without distortion, and with the perfect amount of detail. The 3” LCD screen on the dash cam turns off after a period, so it doesn’t distract you whilst you drive. It also has a built-in microphone and speaker, but this will obviously only record vocals inside the car, or it can be switched off entirely.

The RAC 205 plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and is very easy to set up. You can pop it behind your rear-view mirror without it obstructing your view in any way. We mentioned at the start that this is a basic camera, so it is no surprise that  it doesn’t have GPS tracking or speed camera alerts, but it will provide you with a clean, high-quality image that allows you to read licence plates from even quite a distance. The great thing about the RAC 205 is its simplicity - even my old man who still, in 2017, cannot send a text message can get his head around this one. At only £75, it seems a no brainer, as it could provide you with some important evidence one day. RRP £75

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4.5 out of 5



Full HD 1080p

8GB Micro-SD included

Easy to use and set up

Clear images

Good value for money


Very basic: no GPS, speed camera warning etc.