Motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable people on the road and it only takes one silly mistake to put their lives at risk. That isn’t an over statement, as a close friend of mine had a very lucky escape whilst driving down a straight section of road; a car pulled right out in front of him from a junction on the left (Duke of Edinburgh style) and unknown to him, his left indicator was still ticking away from a previous manoeuvre, leading the driver of the car to believe it was safe to pull out. Thankfully both parties were ok, but this type of accident is sadly all too common.

Enter the Smart Turn System (STS), the first self-cancelling turn module that can be installed onto your motorcycle, which senses when the bike has completed its turn and switches off the signal for you. This clever little device recognises all types of turns and manoeuvres, ensuring your indicator is never sending out the wrong signal.

It is surprisingly simple to install but I wouldn’t say it’s easy (check the website for compatibility). Someone with a little mechanical knowledge and patience is more than capable of setting it up, but if you are concerned you can always take it down to your local garage. The unit itself is very compact: once installed it does add a little resistance to the indicators, but other than that you wouldn’t know it’s there – it measures up at just 32x32x45mm and weighs 155g.

As mentioned, the STS recognises all types of turns: left and right, roundabouts and lane changes, and if no turn is made after 15 seconds the indicator will automatically switch off. The STS works off a 12VDC power supply and won’t drain your battery. It comes with a 50cm cable and is made with reinforced automotive-grade polyamide housing. It doesn’t affect the motorcycle’s electronics and has built-in protection from electric shocks.

The Smart Turning System does exactly what it promises, deactivating your indicator after each turn so you don’t have to (or forget to), helping you concentrate on what’s ahead of you rather than checking the dash and keeping you safer on the road. RRP £84.95

5 out of 5

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Automatically deactivates indicator after manoeuvre

Recognises all turns and manoeuvres

STS device cancels turn-signals according to road rules

Auto cancels after 15sec if no turn made

High performing

Allow you to focus more on the traffic and riding itself

Doesn’t drain battery