The F800 Dash Cam from Thinkware is available for both the front and rear of your vehicle (sold separately). CMOS Image Sensors allow constant front and rear view in Full 1080p HD resolution recording during both day and night along with a 140-degree wide angle lens view. Chock full of features, including energy saving, parking recording which allows you to record in parking mode 3x longer, and reduced power consumption by 1/3 less, the built-in G-senor will wake up within a second when activated and start recording for next 20 seconds. The Geo Fencing allows you to set a radical area, and the F800 Pro will send you push notification through the mobile app Thinkware Dashcam Mobile Viewer, you can set up to 20 different radical area with a size from 100m up to 600km. The Locate Vehicle, as it sounds, will help drivers to find the vehicle’s current location, it will update its current location in every 10 seconds and display the current location along with the speed and direction its heading in on google map.

The Driving Impact Notification will automatically send a push notification alert to the user’s smartphone via the mobile app in the event of an impact greater than gravity level of 3G or 4G while driving.  The F800 also has the same old features you would expect from Thinkware, Safety Camera Alert, Lane Departure Warning System, Front Collision Warning System, Urban Front Collision Warning System and Front Vehicle Departure Warning, Auto Exposure and the automatic storing in the event of an incident. Purchasing both cameras is going to set you back a fair bit, but the image quality is excellent (in both low and bright lights), it has every feature you could think of to keep you safe on the road and your car secure when parked. It is easy to install and use, all the settings and playbacks are accessed via your phone so no difficult menus to navigate and no distracting screens. Unfortunately the F800 Pro isn’t perfect. Connecting to the app, like so many similar products, it is hit and miss and the lack of a display might be a negative thing for some. However, this is a great little set up that will provide you with crystal clear images and all the evidence you will need in the event of an accident. RRP £349

4.5 out of 5

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Excellent images both day and night time

Full HD

Super Night Vision2.0

Time Lapse

Safety Camera Alert & Road Safety Warning System

140° Wide Angle (Front & Rear)

Built-in Wi-Fi

Built-in GPS


App connection hit and miss