F100 External Rear View Camera

To work alongside the F100 Front facing Dash Cam the F100 External Rear View Camera is an optional extra that will give you both front and rear surveillance, straight forward to install, it is mounted at the rear window it has a 135˚ view angle (diagonally) and a viewing angle of 45˚, it records HD-quality video, 1280 X 720 with 30fps and can detect motion at the back of the vehicle, you can use the Mobile App with this camera to view front and rear video simultaneously on a single display for added parking assistance. The image quality is lower than that of the front facing camera which isn’t amazing either, but it is low cost and adds another level of security to your car. When using it with the front camera you will get just over 2hours recording on a 16GB before it loops over old footage.

3 out of 5

F100 Internal Infrared Camera

The Infrared Internal Camera has been designed to record events inside the vehicle in very low light conditions, the IR sensor and LED let you keep track of your vehicle during the night or in dark environments like car parks and the garage. Features include resolution HD (1280 X 720) with 30fps, a 125˚(diagonally) and 60˚ viewing angle it comes with a 2m cable for easy installation. This time we were impressed with the image quality in low light but bare in mind it does need a little light for a good image, it is also reasonably priced.

3.6 out of 5


F100 External Infrared Camera

This External Infrared Camera has been created to provide rear view surveillance of the outside of your car, it is installed on the rear of the vehicle, it has a viewing angle of 135° (Diagonal), 108° (Horizontal), 57° (Vertical), it records in HD 720p (1280x720) at 30 fps. It features motion detection, is waterproof, it can be mounted anywhere on the exterior to get the best view of the back and side of the car, it comes with a 15m cable for flexibility of positioning. The image quality is acceptable but not great for the price, low light images are good and it offers an extra level of safekeeping for your car.

3.8 out of 5