As our motorbike trip through Europe quickly approaches, I am gathering gear to test along the way.  Our friends at Tucano Urbano have sent us some bits to try and make the trip more comfortable in the summer heat. 

Tucano Urbano are a motorcycle accessories company based in Milan, with in-house styling and innovative R&D.

The following reviews are only brief overviews of my initial thoughts as the main reviews will be in the August issue after I have tried them for the best part of 3,000 miles through Europe.

Tucano Urbano Cool Fresh seat cover RRP £27.99

This is a full-length universal seat cover that is designed to create gaps in the 3D design for air flow making the seat cooler with the added benefit of an extra 2cm of padding. These also come in single seat size. 

It is well made of strong Polyester with three adjustable elastic straps that secure it under the seat and it doesn’t slip and slide around.When it rains the water drains straight through it.

Hopefully this will help eliminate numb bum and keep me cool.


Tucano Urbano Aero Touch glass gloves RRP £34.99

These are soft and comfortable summer gloves with mesh on the back for maximum ventilation.  The leather parts are goat hide, which is considered the best for motorcycle gear. Whist they are light they feel strong and have a good adjustable Velcro cuff to keep them in place. 

These are touchscreen gloves so you can operate your phone or GPS without removing them.


Tucano Urbano Nano plus One-piece Rainsuit RRP £65.00

It is difficult to wear gear which works for all types of weather.  We are hoping for a dry and hot trip however there is always the chance of a summer downpour. This is where the Nano rainsuit will come in. I am hoping that I don’t have to use it, but it will definitely be present on the trip.

The Nano suit comes in a tiny drawstring bag so can be tucked away. This isn’t a cheap suit and cheap generally means that they don’t breathe and your own sweat is retained making you as wet and uncomfortable as if you hadn’t put it on. This suit has been developed to keep both the rain and your moisture out. The tapered seams help towards its waterproof rating.

Hi-vis is added to the arms and shoulders to keep you visible.

There are wide zip openings all the way from the ankle to the knee to help get this over your boots and adjustable Velcro to secure the ankles.


Tucano Urbano Network 2G jacket RRP £98.00

The Network 2G jacket is a CE-certified protection jacket, designed for hot climates. It incorporates large mesh panels on the arms, front and back to let cool air blow through and keep you fresh and cool. It has good safety features such as armour in the shoulders and elbows and reflective strips.

There are loads of pockets inside and out.

It has an elastic strap to go around your belt and a connection system to Zipster 2G.