When it comes to our cars we are often guilty of forgetting regular maintenance until the car reminds us, filling up the windscreen washer or checking your tyre pressure, the first time you realise the washer is out is when it doesn’t spray your screen, whereas the first time you realise your tyre pressure is low could be when you suffer a blowout.

It is so vital that we regularly check our tyres as the event of a sudden blow out can easily cause a serious accident however thanks to products like the TyrePal Solar Colour Pressure Monitoring System it doesn’t have to be a complicated or time consuming chore. The latest system from TyrePal comes with a colour screen and four sensors. These TCSO sensors measure pressures of up to 99psi and is recommended for use on four-wheel cars, small vans and motor homes, you can purchase additional TCSO sensors for the use on a fix wheel campervan for example.

The set up was straight forward, these little 10g sensors simply screw on to the tyre valves and replace the normal dust caps, the sensors have replaceable batteries so when they run out of power you won’t have to replace the entire unit, the batteries will give you about 2years. The Solar Colour is not suitable for caravans or trailers but TyrePal do offer the TC215B systems to monitor these types of vehicles, it is also not suitable for use on aluminium valve stems. The Monitor is compact and uses a HD LCD colour display that provides you with a clear audible and visual alert if something goes wrong with the pressure or temperature of your tyre and immediately alerts you to which tyre has the issue.

The Monitor is solar powered and comes with a sticky pad that holds it in place, there is also a power cable with a DC-DC adaptor included within the kit, it is very easy to install and doesn’t require wiring in to work. If the distance between the dash and rear wheel is further than 7.5 metres, then you’ll also require a signal repeater and the sensors have a pressure accuracy of 1.5psi (0.1bar). The TyrePal Solar Colour is an easy to use, accurate sensor that not only improves safety but will also help reduce fuel consumption, increase tyre service life and reduce car emissions - an excellent vehicle accessory! RRP £99.99

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5 out of 5


Simple and effective

Measures pressures of up to 99psi

Solar powered charging

Compact monitor HD LCD colour display

Improves safety

Easy to install, no wiring

Gives clear audible and visual alerts for low/high pressure or high temperature