When I was a kid my family and I used to go on these holidays in this wreck of a 1970’s caravan, we had this dodgy black and white TV that never had any signal and a radio that would only work if you hung a teaspoon off the aerial. The chemical toilet was only for number ones during the night so I have memories of running across to the toilet block in the dark with a loo roll shoved up my jumper to protect it from the rain. Toilet dramas aside, these holidays were responsible for some of my fondest memories as a child; the board games, the smell of bacon in the morning, even the rain on the metal roof and plastic windows, we had a lot of fun. I remember before we would set out Dad would meticulously check the tyres of both the car and caravan, a smart idea when people towing caravans are about as popular as cyclists and tractors on the road; the last thing you need is to give passers-by the satisfaction of witnessing you changing a tyre on the hard shoulder. The TyrePal TC215B is based on the highly successful commercial monitor used to keep an eye on your car tyres but with two sensors for your caravan, it allows you to continuously monitor up to 2 tyres on a single axle caravan or trailer.

The monitor displays the pressure and temperature of each of the tyres in succession, showing pressures up to 99psi simultaneously (tyres over 99psi can be accommodated, contact TyrePal for further information). This whole system is so easy to install, with no wiring involved, the monitor is clear and easy to read at a glance, the weather-resistant sensors are also easy to attach; simply screw them onto the tyre valves and they can be locked on with a security key. The batteries in the sensors are replaceable, you can add up to 22 sensors or remove them when required, you simply link and unlink the caravan or trailer at the press of a button before setting off. If the distance between the dashboard and rear axle is further than 7.5 metres a signal repeater (sold separately) will be required to prevent signal problems. Correctly inflated tyres increase the tyres’ life span, reduces fuel consumption, reduces car emissions and can prevent blow outs and accidents; as the TyrePal can provide you with clear alerts for air loss, low pressure, high pressure or high temperature it’s a no brainer to ensure nothing but the weather and spider-filled toilet blocks can spoil those caravan holidays. RRP £120

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5 out of 5


Super easy to install

Replaceable batteries

Alerts for air loss, low pressure, high pressure or high temperature

Clear monitor display

Security lock for sensors

Link and unlink caravan with a touch of a button